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While a lot of companies have been firing and shrinking their staff, Cushman & Wakefield Kazakhstan has shown that our effective management has enabled us to grow and improve the quality of the staff for the long term by developing the industry’s future specialists in times of turmoil.


This summer we welcomed 6 employees through the Cushman & Wakefield Kazakhstan Summer Internship Program to co-create the real estate experience with us. 


Prior to the internship, candidates were required to attend a three-day course “Real Estate Market and Risk Management”, jointly organized by the Cushman & Wakefield Kazakhstan and BCPD AIFC. The main purpose of the course was to find the best candidates for an internship, as well as to introduce students with up-to-date knowledge about the real estate market and its specifics. 


Overall, about 250 applications were received within the program. Following the results of successful completion of the course, selection and evaluation processes, 6 candidates were offered an internship in Cushman & Wakefield Kazakhstan.  


The Internship Program provided interns with the opportunity to execute real-life problems under the guidance of mentors, as well as work on projects of practical importance to the company.


We are glad to announce that all 6 interns have successfully completed their internship program and joined the Cushman & Wakefield Kazakhstan team as a full-time employee. 


We wish them every success and new achievements in their endeavors and in the next adventure!


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