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Cushman & Wakefield Kazakhstan is pleased to announce the appointment of Aizhan Abdrakhmanova as Associate Director and Head of Landlord Services. Based in Almaty.


Mrs. Abdrakhmanova has great experience in the sphere of commercial real estate. She has previously held the position of a Managing Director at a Business Center located in the center of the Almaty’s financial district.


The new Associate Director at Cushman & Wakefield Kazakhstan has great experience in the procurement of real estate acquisition, managing the process of negotiating as well as providing valuable legal support activities.


“I am glad to join the team of Cushman & Wakefield Kazakhstan and excited to start this great and challenging journey together. I am sure that the powerful brand of Cushman & Wakefield will succeed in Kazakhstan expanding an outstanding impact of its solutions overall in the region.”


The Head of Landlord Services is a graduate of the Kazakh State Law Academy and holds a Master of Business Administration/Marketing from KIMEP University located in Almaty, Kazakhstan.


Cushman & Wakefield strives to acquire the best talent on the market in order to keep its position as a global leader in commercial real estate services, helping clients transform the way people work, shop, and live.


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